Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I play the game?
A: The game will be available for play at FHXRestoration.com. Please note the server will only be online from 15th of December 12:00 (12PM) until 16th of December 20:00 (8PM) GMT.

Q: Is the game finished?
A: No. This is a very early look into the project, aimed to remind people of what the game looked like. Pre-release testing is yet to be announced.

Q: What functions will be available in the server?
A: All character animation, chat and free movement in all maps works. Other things like NPCs, skills, leveling and combat is unavailable in this event.

Q: Where do I register an account?
A: You do not need an account to login. The server will accept any user/pass and assign you a new temporary account on login.

Q: Will our characters be saved?
A: Nothing in this release will be saved. Your character will not be saved when you loggout.

Q: Can I use my old client?
A: You must redownload the full client as we have made a vast amount of changes to it.

Q: Which version of the game will be available?
A: The original 2005 'v1' map will be put online. The 'v3' map is not available at this stage.

Q: I missed the event - can I play?
A: Sorry, it will only be available for 24 hours, but stay tuned for upcoming events at our homepage www.FHXRestoration.com or Discord channel https://discord.gg/M2KkfEK.

Other Important Questions:

Q: Is this game free2play?
A: This is a restoration project - not a commercial venture. There is no charge for using any of our services and payments will not be accepted for any premium items or testing access.

Q: Who are the FHX Restoration Team?
A: The team is made up of part time programmers, engineers and designers who donate their time pro-bono out of an interest in this game. We are not affiliated with any other publisher or developer.