Welcome to FHX Restoration

A community-made project to bring back the game FHX (Ferentus, Herrcot, Xiones).


Is it playable?

No, but stay tuned for future events.

Why not?

At this stage it's a very unstable development server with very little features and no login. The environment setup is not trivial for non-technical users.



The client is not yet ready for download

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Last Event

Last weekend (25/08/2019) the FHX servers were opened for almost 52 hours. It was our second overall test run and a chance to show you the progress we made since our first event in December 2018.

What is this project about?

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The Goal

The goal is to develop a FHX (Ferentus, Herrcot, Xiones) server emulator to work with the original game clients,
which behaves just like the original game server. To do so we reverse engineer the network protocol of the game and implement a new communication layer for the game.
There is also lot of logic on the server side to be implemented (NPC control, spawns, teleports, movement, inventory, items, character, login,..). Luckily there is a lot of information about the game stored in the game client itself.
At the moment we focus on V1, because it is the first (available) iteration of the game with a simpler network protocol than later versions, but it looks like the other game versions work very similar on the server side so we support most stuff on most client versions at the moment.

What is the current state?

We will provide regular updates about the progress here, on our Discord or on our YouTube channel.
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